17 Biblical Facts You MUST Know from The Book of Genesis


1) Genesis provides background regarding how everything began.

2) There is no time reference in Genesis

Exactly when the beginning occurred is not specified. We do not know the age of the universe, we can only keep guessing however Genesis did not give us an actual time line. Some people may try to calculate the age of the earth through Genealogy but this is still questionable. God is NOT limited by time like we are.

3) Human beings are part of the biological world but bear the likeness/image of God

Unlike all the other creatures Humans were made in the image of God. It is God’s likeness that sets us apart from the Biological world and gives humans a distinction and status in the creation. The image of God we possess gives us the spiritual dimension and makes each human being a person similar to the way in which God is a person.
Adam and Eve were created at the beginning as one solid body which later on were divided into two separate bodies.

4) Adam and Eve lived in Garden of Eden and not in the world as we know it.

5) Adam and Eve walked without any clothing(not, even with leaves) and they were not aware of it.

6) G-d brought all the Animals in front of Adam so he can name each of one of them.

7) Animals for a while did not eat each other so they can multiply.

8) There was once a talking Snake which had legs.(Can you imagine that?).

9) The first Sin occurred when Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit.

10) The first punishment that was ever given to those who were involved with the forbidden fruit.
11) Snake – had his legs cut off and was forced to eat dust for the rest of his life.
12) Eve – will suffer pain during pregnancy, birth and raising of the children.
13) Adam – will work hard for his living until his last day.

14) The forbidden fruit gave Adam and Eve the understanding of right and wrong.

15) Last time that Humans lived in Garden of Eden.

16) The first clothing was created by G-d and not Versace.

17) Cain was the first murderer and responsible for wiping out 25% of the worlds population all because of jealousy.