22 Facts That Prove That Israel is NOT an Apartheid State

  • Palestinians are not allowed to own homes or land, or to become doctors, lawyers or engineers
  • Christians’ are persecuted
  • Homosexuality is a crime
  • In the last two years 150,000 people were killed
  • Only 5% of women are in the workforce
  • Women are forbidden to drive motor vehicles
  • All women must have a male guardian with them at all times
  • Girls and women are forbidden from traveling, conduction official business or undergoing certain medical procedures without male permission
  • Women must cover all parts of their body except for eyes and hands
  • Death by flogging
  • Child marriages
  • Capital punishment is legal
  • Selling land to Jews is punishable by death
  • No freedom of press
  • No freedom of expression
  • Journalist are jailed
  • Vast majority of population is under-represented in parliament
  • Death penalty for adultery
  • Number one in the world for executing juvenile offenders
  • Number one in the world for hanging homosexuals
    Killing demonstrators
  • State mandated beating of women for not wearing a veil

  • Wait a minute, you know for a fact that these can’t be true. You know Israel has Arab Congress members. You know women are free to walk around in whatever they want to wear without male guardians. You know there is no death by flogging. You read about Israeli opposition to war while it is occurring. Adulterers are not put to death in Israel. So where are these facts true? These are facts in the surrounding Islamic countries around Israel. Based on this, where would you rather live? In “Apartheid” Israel or any other country around it in the Middle East?