Germany Turns Away Refugees At The Borders Ever Since New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks


Germany is turning away hundreds of migrants on the border with Austria as the government tries to cut the number of asylum seekers.

There would appear to be a return to the strict implementation of the EU’s controversial Dublin rules for asylum seekers, which chancellor Angela Merkel unilaterally suspended with her “open-door” refugee policy.

The government also agreed to deport asylum seekers who have broken the law in the wake of the New Year’s Eve sex attacks in Cologne.

Some 200 migrants a day are being refused entry into Germany, according to the Austrian authorities. Most of those refused entry are trying to cross Germany to claim asylum in Sweden or Denmark, a police spokesman said.

“Even if the conditions for asylum are met, we will send back those refugees who do not wish to apply for asylum in Germany,” the spokesman said.

Under the Dublin rules, refugees must claim asylum in the first EU state they enter.

Merkel had effectively suspended the rules when she said Germany would take Syrian refugees regardless of which EU state they entered first.

Now she has pledged to reduce the number of refugees.

Sweden and Denmark have also tightened their borders.