ISIS Cuts Off The Hands of 4 Kids for Stealing Food and Toys


A mixed Sunni-Shia family that once lived in ISIS’ Iraqi stronghold of Mosul but has fled to live in the Kurdish north after the terrorist group took over the town last June, has provided deeper insight and revelations about the horrors that people living under the jihadis brand of sharia rule must deal with.

In an interview with the Iraqi news website Rudaw that was published on Tuesday, the Al-Saraj family, with the father being a Sunni and the mother being a Shia, explained that although they are now living in the Kurdish town of Dohuk, they still maintain contact with their friends and loved ones that are still inside Mosul and subjected to the barbarity of the group’s rule.

While it is no secret that the Islamic State regularly amputates the hands of grown adults who have been accused of stealing inside its strongholds, apparently no exception is given by the terrorists when a child is accused of stealing.

In the interview, the Saraj daughter, who is referred to as just “SA,” read a text message that she received from one of her friends that still lives in Mosul, which indicated that the group’s police force amputated the hands of four kids for stealing.

“Yesterday they cut off the hands of four kids, ages 12, 11, 13 and 16,” the friend texted to SA. “One of the kids stole a toy bird, another stole an electric cable.”

SA’s brother, who is referenced as “Ibrahim,” added to SA’s comments by showing the Rudaw reporter a video of a preteen being shot in the back of the head, execution style, by ISIS terrorists because he stole food when he was hungry.

The report explains that because of ISIS’ takeover in Mosul, there has been a food shortage in the town and it is somewhat understandable why the child stole the food. The video also shows the kid’s father pleading for his son’s life before he was ultimately executed.

“He stole something, he wanted to eat,” Ibrahim stated.

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