Lebanon: Syrian Refugee Forced to Give Birth Outside Hospital


A pregnant Syrian woman in labor was denied care at a Lebanese hospital due to her finances, thus forcing her to give birth on the ground outside.

According to Orient Net, the woman was in labor and headed to a facility in downtown Beirut. It was there that she was denied entry to the hospital for not having the necessary finances.

She reportedly tried to communicate with the hospital management, but her pleas were ignored.

Shocking photos of the mother giving birth to her child outside the entrance of Saiydat Lebnen Hospital in Jounieh went viral shortly after the ordeal.

Orient Net reported that the hospital administration released a statement claiming that the child was born outside because the woman arrived at the facility as the birth was already in motion. The hospital also noted that the woman and her newborn are “in good health and are receiving the necessary care.”

Regardless, the medical staff could have at least brought her indoors or put her on a stretcher as opposed to allowing her to give birth on the concrete.