Right After The Terror Attack in Nice, The Vice-President of All Imams Released This Terrible Warning


The Vice-President of all Imams in France resigned. His last words are a big warning for the world.

“I resigne cause World leaders are doing nothing to bring peace and they continue to say that there is not a radical Islam.”

Before resigning Hocine was elected to become Imam of the great mosque in Paris.

“I hope they imams in France will speak against hate and will talk about what happened in Nice.”

He continue saying:

“We will never move forward if we don’t understand that the extremism lives inside our mosques. We as Muslims have not engaged ourselves in finding a solution against hate in our midst. I hope that Muslims will wake up in Europe.”

These words are powerful. They confirm what we think, there is no moderate Islam. They all have been infiltrated by hate and violence.