The Bible Code Definitively Proves That Obama Will Bring The Armageddon


“בן אדם שים פניך אל גוג ארץ המגוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל והנבא עליו;ואמרת כה אמר אדני יהוה הנני
אליך גוג נשיא ראש משך ותבל”

The Name Obama(Appears in Bold: אובאמה) is Encrypted in the Book of Ezekiel 38:2 by a margin of 7 letters between letter to letter(from right to left).

In Judaism , 7 is a very significant number: The Seven days of Creation, 7 years for Shmita and so on.

The Context of the prophecy is pretty clear – The president who will cause The Armageddon(The mother of all wars)….will be Obama!

If you still need more proof- open your eyes and see what has happened to the middle East. Many countries from around the globe are involved in this current war against ISIS – Jordan,Iran,Syria,UAE, Israel, USA, UK, France and many more.

The prophecy says that their will be a war between Islam and Christianity which has already begun…