The World’s First Dog Employed by Israeli Hi Tech Company


Meet Louie, who was recently hired by MeMe, an advertising solution company in Israel. For two days a week, he helps in the screening of new candidates and bestows his love and affection upon MeMe’s employees.

Sound pretty good?
Well, Louie is a real toy poodle dog owned by Tal Nitzan who is a programmer data and scientist in MeMe. Research shows that animals, especially dogs, can have a very positive, relaxing influence on people. Take the hi-tech industry, for example, where employees work long hours sitting opposite computers and are in need of some diversion. Playing with a cute little dog can reduce tension and makes one feel good.

Louie’s unique talents did not go unnoticed by Ronen Manifaz, founder and CMO of MeMe who claims that when Louie is around in the office, there is a rise in production and a general happier atmosphere.

Let’s Wish Louie a big mazal tov on his new job.

Hope he doesn’t have a ruff ruff time…