Top 10 Israeli Startups That Will Change Our Lives in 2015


Anyone that knows anything about startups and entrepreneurship knows that Israel is the “Startup Nation”. It’s population is just around 8 million, yet it has more companies listed on the Nasdaq than any other country – excluding the United States and China. With that being said, the origin of Israel’s claim to fame originates from a book with the same title, and hinges on the innovation that takes place in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas on a daily basis. Every day a new startup is created and the ideas coming out of the small country are always testing limits and seeking to become leaders in their field.

After Wix, Waze, ReWalk, and several other huge companies have risen from the “Startup Nation”, it is time to look at just 10 Israeli startups that have the potential to become more than just a startup.

1. Telesofia Medical
The company is revolutionizing the way we interact with our medical procedures – once we leave the doctor’s office. Now, they are not new players, after being founded in 2011, and raising 1 million dollars in funding last year. 2015 however, is the year they become one of the top apps that should help them begin to turn a key and bring in funds into the company account. They were named one of Forbes “10 Health Companies Changing the World“. The platform is designed to support many applications, such as describing the proper use of their medication, surgical procedure, discharge instructions and more, and the fully branded videos are personalized based on your inputted details and sent via text, email, or embedded in patient portals/apps.

Why 2015? The product is valuable – and with the growing rise and interest in health, knowing what to do at home is just as crucial as ever.

2. Feex
Because “not all retirement accounts are created equal”. IRAs, 401(k)s and brokerage accounts contain fees that can end up consuming a third of your retirement savings. FeeX discovers out how much you’re losing to fees, and then breaks down all the fees in dollars and cents, to show you how much you could save if you invest in the lower-fee funds that Feex suggest. The average user can save an extra $18,794 for their retirement with FeeX.

Why 2015? Financial crisis anyone? If there is something that we need (99% of us) it’s to save where we can. Feex is that fix.

3. BreezoMeter
By using big-data system that gathers data from thousands of sensors worldwide, the smartphone and tablet apps are able to provide users with a real time, location based map of air pollution levels – at the street level – meaning you can use it to your own benefit and not for the benefit of an aircraft.

With air pollution becoming more and more dangerous, and one of the leading cause of early deaths, being able to plan your way on vacation or on business based on where it is healthier to be can take us all one step further towards a healthier life – without changing anything dramatic in our lives.

Why 2015? They’re launching in the US soon, and with our air getting dirtier by the day, a map to guide us on where to run or vacation is just what the doctor ordered.

4. LoyalBlocks
The app claims to solve one of the biggest, yet simplest issues that businesses face today: creating a loyalty system for customers so that gaining a new customer does not have to repeat itself. For businesses it means that by using their web-based dashboard control a loyalty program by customizing status privileges, punch-card rewards, Facebook referral rewards, and if you are a really creative business owner then a happy hour reward or a holiday reward geared towards getting people to come in during your slow hours.

Why 2015? Black Friday success and sales don’t have to be once a year. Black Friday shows us all that we are a consumer society – all that is missing is a system that meets the needs of consumers.

5. SentinelOne
Imagine being able to attack and defend your digital content and databases from hackers live. SentinelOne’s technology adapts at the time of an attack, just like your body does to a harmful bacteria. Now, instead of Target or Home Depot having to work long hours to try and stop/compete with their hackers, with SentinelOne the use of real-time forensics, allows IT departments to track and investigate attacks as they are attempted.

Why 2015? We are all tired of our favorite businesses being hacked. It is going to be 2015 and time for a better solution.

If productivity is a weakness of yours, or you are just spending way too much time on social media, then this startup has a simple and effective solution for you. sorts through your social networks and discovers engagements, job promotions, childbirths and more of what really matters to you. The result is an app that presents personalized alerts for what really matters, a customized feed – so you don’t waste time with spam and trash on social media sites, and shares with you only the most important news feed items. Of course, it would not be complete without an all-in-one posting feature to cut down on your social media time.

Why 2015? Are we going to spend forever on Facebook? With the rise of life-hacking and needing more time for everything, this has potential to be any professionals best pal.

7. FundBox
If you are a small business owner, there is really no reason not to start using FundBox and start cutting your greedy bank out of the equation. FundBox offers business owners a simple way to fix their cash flow by advancing payments for their outstanding invoices. Is this a loan? Well, not exactly. You see, what it does is advance the payment for your outstanding invoice, and then you pay back the amount and a small clearing fee over 12 weeks. The great part is that if at any point you decide you want to pay early, they’ll waive the clearing fee of the remaining period.

Why 2015? Small business are what drive the economy. FundBox is giving the serious ones a tool to compete and stay ahead of some of their bigger neighbors.

8. HoneyBook
The startup for every “event professional”. Via their digital services, they are able to cut out the headaches that come along with setting up an event, which in some cases results in either not having the event, or doing it at a totally different price because of the head ache.

So far so good for the young company, founded back in 2013, as it is seeing more business for its current vendors – while they work in a more efficient and effortless manner. Via HoneyBook’s simple, intuitive digital reservation system their has been a decrease in “checkout friction” while helping clients re-engage with a vendor’s brand, value and personality. Oh, and they just grabbed a few million in funding.

Why 2015? First of all, they just grabbed some much needed cash. Second of all, and more importantly, it is a much needed solution for a field of business that isn’t going anywhere.

This is by no means a company that is new to us or many of millions of people across the globe. They’ve been around for a few years, but like any business, timing is everything. With their technology “Treehouse” all video creators, whether enthusiasts or professionals, can create Interlude videos that put the viewer, which may be your customer into a “partnership” with your brand.

To understand the true strength of Interlude, head on over to their site and watch their promo clip – your brand has to have one.

Why 2015? Social media has taken over because it creates interactions between brands and consumers. Video is growing in popularity. Hence what they’ve got is a perfect peanut butter and jelly match.

10. Beepi
Anyone of us that has ever tried to sell our used cars or buy a new used car, understand that the process is not very fun – but it should be. Once you’ve signed up and entered details on the car you are selling they’ll send someone to you to inspect the vehicle, and if everything checks out then you are in Beepi’s hands. They take the photos, post the listing, and guarantee to sell the car within 30 days – or they’ll buy it from you.

Are you buying a used car? Although you can’t test drive the vehicle, the inspector does, you pay less and still get a 10-day money back guarantee and a full-service warranty, all while saving time and energy so that buying a new car, isn’t a head ache – rather Christmas come early.

Why 2015? If not now, then never. The rise of ridesharing and carsharing has not stopped all of us from buying cars, however if Uber, Lyft, and co., continue to grow the Beepi may find themselves as the odd man out.

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