UN Report: Israel is Responsible for Domestic Abuse of Palestinian Women


Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon has demanded that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon revise a report disseminated by his office ahead of International Women’s Day that blames Israel for the violent conditions surrounding Palestinian women.

The report, issued for the 60th session of the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women, highlights the status of Palestinian women and says the Israeli “occupation” is to blame for domestic violence against Palestinian women.

“Overcrowded living conditions and a lack of privacy” in Palestinian refugee camps cause “psychological distress among camp residents,” which combined with “the unstable political and security situation and discriminatory gender stereotypes and norms,” leads to this type of violence, the report stated.

“Refugee camps in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are among the most densely populated urban environments in the world and the conditions in these camps have deteriorated over decades, in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,” it adds. “Specifically for women and girls, this overcrowding limits their mobility, privacy and access to recreational spaces.”